Getting nearer to God in the Garden

If like us you have already ventured out to pull weeds, pot a plant, cut the grass – or even begin a new grand plan, this may be something for you….

This morning I was reminded of a lady’s garden – a foster carer – that I was invited to walk around years ago. In different parts of the garden you would come across little clues to her love of the Lord. A statue or Bible verse would appear as you turned a corner – often with a seat for either the wanderer or the gardener to rest and meditate on God’s Word.

While we enjoy extended leisure times, why not make the most of our garden/ window box or, if we don’t have outside space, a potted plant, to place a favourite Bible verse or two written on a stone, or stake?

For young families it’s a great opportunity to all join in.
You could finish with a prayer then a game of hiding and finding the stones?
If your children are older why not first prepare clues for each other – a proper ‘Treasure Hunt’
Finally, those of us with quieter homes and gardens, what better opportunity to banish anxious thoughts than to be able to turn a corner in the garden and immerse ourselves in encouragement from His Word, to rest awhile in His Presence?