Welcome to our services page. Currently during the lifting of lockdown we have been meeting once each Sunday morning at 10:30am in our building but as of 5th November we are back to to broadcasting online via YouTube. You can find the Staplehurst Free Church channel to watch the service live on a Sunday morning by clicking here. Alternatively if you would like to watch or catch up with a particular service please select from our recent services listed below.

Please note once you have selected your choice, depending on your device you may get a message saying the video is unavailable. In which case you will need to watch it on YouTube. To do this just click on the message “Watch this video on YouTube.¬† You may wish to enlarge the screen using the YouTube broken square icon. You may also need to slide the red dot along to the start of the service as detailed below, as there is usually a period time at the start of the broadcast when only the “holding” screens are showing.

Please click on the service date below to be taken to our service on YouTube on that date. Please note the service starts 5 minutes and 50 seconds into the broadcast.

Sunday 29th November

This Sunday’s service starts at about 9 minutes and 24 seconds in to the broadcast.

Oops! We had some technical hitches this week, so the sound starts 3minutes and 5 seconds in – just after the black screen! You will also notice an echo in one of the songs, our magnificent tech team dealt with that too but not until near the end of the song. Sorry.

Please note the service starts 3 minutes and 32 seconds in

Please note this Sunday’s service starts about 5minutes and 50 seconds into the broadcast

Please note the service starts at 8minutes and 20 seconds in

Please note the service starts 7minutes and 42 seconds in.